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dewypep.gif (29001 bytes)  Check out PEPPERS they have everything in hot stuff! 

FACT: Common black pepper comes from ground peppercorns, which are berries from the tropical East Indian vine, Piper nigrum. The black pepper corns are the little fruits, picked green then sun dried. 

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I'm not sure exactly when I got hooked on this suicidal love affair with liquid fire.   I think it goes back to all the beans and rice with Tabasco sauce. How ever it started I am now hooked on that endorphin rush that comes from burning the hell out of your throat and  tongue. 

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The only way to eat hot sauce, is on crackers chased with cold beer. This is an excellent site! 

  FACT:  If you eat a pepper you can't handle, milk is the most effective 'coolant' sour cream works well also. Personally, I prefer a cold beer, water is the least effective. 

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The Granddaddy of them

all!!! TABASCO 

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  I'm just too big of a NASCAR

fan to not include this one!!hotcar.gif (7592 bytes) 

 FACT:  The higher the capsaicin content, the hotter the pepper. The Scoville scale rates "hotness" in the different varieties of peppers. Hotness can vary within a variety, and even among peppers from the same plant. 

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Pepper Scoville units 
Bells --------------- 0~100 
Mexibells ---------100~500 
Paplano ----------500~1,000 
Ancho, Pasilla ---1,000~1,500 Cascabel ------- 1,500~2,500 
Jalapeno ------- 2,500~5,000 
Serrano ------- 5,000~15,000 
De Arbol ----- 15,000~30,000 Cayenne,Tabasco-30,000~50,000 
 Habanero ----- 100,00~300,000 

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